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Before you send off your entry to The Someday Challenge, please check that your answer to these 12 questions is ‘Yes’.

  1. Was I (and all of my team if it’s a team entry) born in 1995 or later?

  2. Am I (and each member of my team if it’s a team entry) a New Zealand Citizen or Resident or studying or working lawfully in New Zealand?.

  3. Is my film no more than 5 minutes long, including titles and credits?

  4. Have all necessary sections of the Entry Form been completed?

  5. Have I got signed Individual Release Forms for each person who is featured in the film (visually or by their voice) and for each member of the film-making team – with parental permissions for anyone who is under 18?

  6. Have I got Licences for any material in the film which I have not created myself, including music?

  7. Am I including the necessary information for any material in my film which is in the public domain or available for use under a Creative Commons licence?

  8. Am I sending my film in PAL video standard with a 25fps framerate?

  9. Am I submitting my film as a best quality (but no bigger than 4GB) mp4 (recommended), mov, avi, dv or wmv video file?

  10. Is there 10 seconds of black before the film starts and after it finishes?

  11. If I am sending my film on a disc or a USB drive via the post, is it correctly labelled?

  12. If I am sending my film on a USB drive and I want the drive to be returned to me am I also sending a stamped self-addressed envelope?

Entry Requirements

Entry Deadline

30 August 2019.

Who Can Enter

You can enter The Someday Challenge if the following two things are both true about you (and all of your team if it’s a team entry):

  1. You were born in 1995 or later.
  2. You are a Citizen or Resident of New Zealand (even if you are now living overseas) or you are studying or working  lawfully in New Zealand.

What To Submit

To enter The Someday Challenge you need to submit:

  1. A film which is no more than 5 minutes long, including titles and credits, and which conforms to the Delivery Requirements, Technical Requirements and Legal Requirements (see below).

  2. A completed Entry Form

    If the film is made by a team the form will include contact details for one of the team members who will be a contact person for the team.

    There is also a section on the Entry Form for an adult contact person (eg a teacher or a youth worker) to provide their details.

  3. All necessary Release Forms and Licences.

You need to submit those things no later than the Entry Deadline, 30 August 2019.

How and Where To Send

It's most convenient to use our Online Entry Form where you will receive an Entry Code as part of that process.

You need to tell us that Entry Code when you send your film to us, whether online, by post or by courier. That will help us to link up your film with your Entry Form.

And please make sure that the file name of the video file is the same as the title of your film.

If you would like to send your film online we recommend that you use the Upload Box.

You can also use the Upload Box to upload other files relating to your entry, for example scans of release and licence forms or a scan of a paper Entry Form.

If you do use the Upload Box for other files relating to your entry please make sure you include your name, email address and the title of your film in the relevant fields. And use the Entry Code / Message field to tell us what you are sending - as well as your Entry Code if you have one.

It will also help us greatly if the name of your film is included in the file name of any files you send us.

If you are not delivering your entry online, then please see information for sending via post.

Delivery Requirements

  • You need to send your film as a video file.

    Please refer to the Film Export Guides for advice on exporting your edited film to a video file. There are instructions there for making the best possible video file for entering the Someday Challengedepending on what editing programme you are using. 

    You can also contact us for help or advice about this.

  • The video file can be sent online using the Upload Box.
  • Alternatively the video file can be sent on a USB drive or a DVD disc (or a CD disc if the video file will fit onto it).

    If you send your film on a USB drive and you want it to be returned to you then you must include a stamped self-addressed envelope.
  • Films will NOT be accepted as DVDs that are made to play on DVD players. Instead you need to burn your video file as data on the disc.

    NB Video data files don’t tend to play smoothly direct from the disc they have been burned to. To check the file on the disc is OK copy it back to your computer and play the file from there. 

  • Your film can be as short as you like but it must be no longer than 5 minutes, including any titles and credits. 

  • There must be 10 seconds of black before and after your film (so if your film is 5 minutes long the file will play for 5 minutes 20 seconds including the black). 

  • If you are sending your film on a disc or a USB drive it must be labelled with:
    1. The name of the film
    2. The name of the film-maker or team who has made the film
  • If your film has Te Reo Māori in it – which we encourage for the Whakatipuranga Award – you need to provide a translation so that all of the judges can understand the film, not just the judges who speak Te Reo. 

    The translation needs to be line-by-line for each piece of dialogue or narration. 

  • If your film has any other language in it other than English, we also need a line-by-line translation for each piece of dialogue or narration.

Technical Requirements

Your film must conform to these Technical Requirements:

  • A film exported at best quality settings for a file no larger than 4GB in one of these video file types:
    mp4 (recommended)

  • PAL video standard
  • 25fps framerate
  • Filmed with an aspect ratio of either 16:9 (widescreen recommended) or 4:3 (standard) and edited and exported with the same aspect ratio as the filming (unless differing aspect ratios are used within the film for a creative or editorial reason)
  • Audio at levels where dialogue or narration can be heard clearly (unless it is obviously intended to be hard to hear)
  • Any superimposed titles or captions are correctly spelled (unless a misspelling is for a creative or editorial reason)

Technical Recommendations

If some or all of the following options are available to you, we recommend them.

  • Resolution: 
    • 1080p Full HD - 1920 x 1080 (High Definition 16:9)
    • 720p HD - 1280 x 720 (High Definition 16:9)
    • DV PAL - 1024 x 576 (Standard Definition 16:9)
  • Video Bitrate: Variable (VBR) 5-10Mb/s (5,000-10,000Kb/s)
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0 (Square Pixels)
  • Field Order: Progressive only (or deinterlaced video if it has been filmed as interlaced)
  • Video Codec:  h.264
  • Audio Codec: AAC-LC
  • Audio Bitrate: 320kbs
  • Audio Sample Rate: 48kHz
  • Titles and captions: Within the "title-safe area"