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800 Lunches

When a seven-year-old new migrant is ostracised at school for his homeland-style lunches, he chooses to eat alone - and starts to resent his mother's cooking.

Rating: PG - Bullying
Genre: Drama
Writer/Director: Bala Murali Shingade
Producer: Ankita Singh
Script Mentor: Shuchi Kothari
Production Mentor: Leela Menon

Super Special

In the midst of her first period, a quiet resilient young girl must choose between a surprise for her beloved little brother or buying pads for herself.

Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Writers: Ruby Solly and Ashley Williams
Director: Ashley Williams
Producer: Isaac Te Reina and Kyrie MacTavish
Production Mentor: Catherine Fitzgerald

The Social

Finn is not ready to kiss a girl, so when forced to attend his first high school disco, he must avoid his friend's pressure to "get with" one to keep his true feelings safe.

Rating: PG - Flashing images that may cause seizures.
Genre: Drama
Writer/Director: Conor Bowden
Producer: Olivia McClymont
Production Mentor: Georgina Conder

Sons of Blackbird

As history trickles down the bloodlines and onto the production line, spoken word poem Blackbird speaks to the struggles of the minimum wage labour.  

Rating: PG - Low level offensive language
Genre: Drama/Spoken Word
Writers: Lastman Sooula and Onehou Strickland
Director: Onehou Strickland
Producer: Lance Loughlin
Production Mentor: Jeremiah Tauamiti

2D Love

A young Kiwi fed up with dating falls in love with a two-dimensional character from his favourite anime show.

Rating: PG
Genre: Documentary
Writer/Director: Abigail Egden
Producer: Gemma Knight
Production Mentor: Sarah Grohnert