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Someday Stories - Series 2 (2018)

Six short takes on sustainability by emerging young film-makers from Aotearoa New Zealand.
Supported by NZ On Air, the New Zealand Film Commission, Te Mangai Paho and The Body Shop.


Grace must prove to the world that her pray-away-the-gay dog therapy works by trying to "cure" Fergis the pug of his homosexuality.

Rating: M CO (Content may offend)
Genre: Comedy
Producer: Arielle Sullivan
Director/Writer: Kyan Krumdieck
Production Mentor: Nadia Maxwell


Our aunties, mothers, grandmothers - our tinā. The women around us: they raise us, they nurture us, they teach us, they care for us and care for each other.

Rating: G
Genre: Documentary
Producer/Director: A, L and T
Production Mentor:Paula Whetu Jones


Flo's love for her new home is tested when her papa changes the menu at his traditional Chinese restaurant.

Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Producer: Florence Lam
Director/Writer: Mia Maramara
Production Mentor: Oscar Kightley


A young New Zealander and her mother live with grief in a toxic environment - can the river and their relationship be saved?

Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Producer: Orion Holder-Monk
Director/Writer: Lucy Cuthbert
Production Mentor: Catherine Fitzgerald


An intimate insight into the perspectives of New Zealanders who have lived with disordered eating.

Rating: M
Genre: Documentary
Producer: Olivia Mahood
Director: Miryam Jacobi
Production Mentor: Juliette Veber

I Am Waru

A solo father is driven by his dark past to find an alternative way of parenting and discovers an answer in his Māori roots.

Rating: PG
Genre: Documentary
Producer/Director: Angela Cudd
Production Mentor: Kaye Elmers