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Winning sustainability film-makers revealed


22 November 2019

Winning sustainability film-makers revealed

The Outlook for Someday is pleased to announce the 10 winning films in the 2019 Someday Challenge, Aotearoa's sustainability film challenge for young people.

Now in its thirteenth year, the Someday Challenge is getting tougher - but that hasn't stopped primary schools from shining alongside entries from high schools and tertiary film-makers and a range of diversity to boot. New Zealand has always boasted serious film-making talent and the next generation is no different.

As always, the Someday Challenge is an opportunity for young New Zealanders up to age 24 to make short films about sustainability and the future. It's a home for stories that have meaning.

From over 125 entries, the judging panel voted for a very balanced selection of films from primary, secondary and tertiary age groups covering subjects as diverse as the nature of friendship, to the hidden outrages of the fashion industry to the distance an eel faces when it's time to swim to Tonga.

This year, the team at The Outlook for Someday decided to make things a little more focused - instead of having twenty winning films, they have chosen ten winning films and ten finalists.

The 10 Winning Films will be released on and on on Friday 22nd November and the 10 Finalists a week later on Friday 29th November.

The judges and the team at The Outlook for Someday were so impressed by the film-making skill, natural storytelling ability and amazing performances demonstrated by this years' winning film-makers.

The judging panel included film-makers, former Someday Champions, representatives from government organisations and of course, our content partners,


Pohatu: The Penguins of Banks Peninsula
Marco Varray, age 13

A family of conservationists comes to the rescue of a penguin colony in peril from tourism.

Colour Our World
Newmarket Primary School, ages 10-11

What sort of world do we want to live in? A world where we don't know what the word ‘endangered' means!

Real Eels!
Julianna, Kiarah, Angelica, ages 9-11
Pt. England Primary

A group of students explore what it would be like to be eels swimming all the way to Tonga.

The Fast Fashion Trap
Eva Pattullo, age 17

Are we heading towards a society where clothing is single-use?

Mr. Savant
Ricky Townsend, age 21

A young woman endures another's diatribe - until Mr Savant demonstrates that we all have hidden talents.

My Generation
Luke Jackson, age 21

One generation reflects while a new generation takes action with the School Strike 4 Climate.

COTI, ages 21-24

A spoken word piece equating present-day Ihum?tao alongside legendary struggles of the past.

Pi Honi
Pi Honi Crew, ages 11-13

Pi Honi Crew wax lyrical about bees and their honey treasures.

Let's Stop Microfibers!
SEAR, ages 15-17

Plastic microfibers are entering our oceans in staggering amounts, but we can help by changing our individual habits.

Lasting Moments
Tui Three, ages 17-18

As if in a dream, a young man examines his relationship with his best friend and asks what friendship really is.