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Six films commissioned for third series of Someday Stories


27 March 2019

The Someday team is delighted to announce commissioning of six films by exciting new talent of Aotearoa.

This collection of short sustainability-focused films will form the third series of Someday Stories, and is scheduled for release in August 2019.

These films will traverse themes of racism, sexuality, cultural identity, and social justice - all conversations of huge value in building a better world.

Each is being created by a team of emerging filmmakers, ages 22-29, and will be screened by Stuff, Māori Television On Demand, Radio NZ and The

This initiative is supported by NZ On Air, the New Zealand Film Commission, Te Māngai Pāho and The Body Shop.

The Social
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A teenage boy desperate to escape his nightmarish school disco finds an unlikely safe-haven in the boys' bathroom. When confronted with harsh reality he is forced to make a heartbreaking sacrifice.
Writer/Director: Conor Bowden
Producer: Olivia McClymont

2D Love
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: After a bad break up, a young Kiwi finds himself falling in love with a two dimensional character from his favourite anime show known as his 'Waifu.'
Writer/Director: Abigail Egden
Producer: Gemma Knight

Sons of Blackbird
Genre: Drama/Spoken Word
Synopsis: Poet Lastman Sooula reflects on his days working a factory line and feelings of mistreatment and exploitation, with references to "blackbirding", the practice of kidnapping of Pacific Islanders to be used as forced labour.
Writer/Director: Onehou Strickland
Producer: Lance Loughlin

800 Lunches
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: When a seven-year-old new migrant is ostracised at school for his homeland-style lunches, he chooses to eat alone - and starts to resent his mother's cooking.
Writer/Director: Bala Murali Shingade
Producer: Ankita Singh

Super Special
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A teenage girl chooses to spend the little money she has on celebrating her brother's anniversary rather than on her own necessary feminine hygiene products.
Writer/Director: Ashley Williams
Producer: Isaac Te Reina

Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A documentary exploring the world of a Samoan-Kiwi sports star raising his young family overseas in the lavish yet unpredictable existence that is professional rugby.
Writer/Director: Annette "Neti" Fa'aū
Producer: Jamie Smith