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Someday Stories - Series 3 (2019)

Six short takes on sustainability by emerging young film-makers from Aotearoa New Zealand.
Supported by NZ On Air, the New Zealand Film Commission, Te Mangai Paho and The Body Shop.


A New Zealand-born Samoan professional rugby player reflects on what truly shaped him to be the man and father he is today while living on the other side of the world with his young family.

Rating: M - Suicide References
Genre: Documentary
Co-Producer/Director: Annette ‘Neti’ Fa’aū
Producer/Editor: Jamie Smith
Production Mentor: Vea Mafile'o

800 Lunches

When a seven-year-old new migrant is ostracised at school for his homeland-style lunches, he chooses to eat alone - and starts to resent his mother's cooking.

Rating: PG - Bullying
Genre: Drama
Writer/Director: Bala Murali Shingade
Producer: Ankita Singh
Script Mentor: Shuchi Kothari
Production Mentor: Leela Menon

Super Special

In the midst of her first period, a quiet resilient young girl must choose between a surprise for her beloved little brother or buying pads for herself.

Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Writers: Ruby Solly and Ashley Williams
Director: Ashley Williams
Producer: Isaac Te Reina and Kyrie MacTavish
Production Mentor: Catherine Fitzgerald

The Social

Finn is not ready to kiss a girl, so when forced to attend his first high school disco, he must avoid his friend's pressure to "get with" one to keep his true feelings safe.

Rating: PG - Flashing images that may cause seizures.
Genre: Drama
Writer/Director: Conor Bowden
Producer: Olivia McClymont
Production Mentor: Georgina Conder

Sons of Blackbird

As history trickles down the bloodlines and onto the production line, spoken word poem Blackbird speaks to the struggles of the minimum wage labour.  

Rating: PG - Low level offensive language
Genre: Drama/Spoken Word
Writers: Lastman Sooula and Onehou Strickland
Director: Onehou Strickland
Producer: Lance Loughlin
Production Mentor: Jeremiah Tauamiti

2D Love

A young Kiwi fed up with dating falls in love with a two-dimensional character from his favourite anime show.

Rating: PG
Genre: Documentary
Writer/Director: Abigail Egden
Producer: Gemma Knight
Production Mentor: Sarah Grohnert